Congresses, Fairs and Conventions

Santa Cruz de La Palma has modern facilities that provide the appropiate infrastructures to promote the celebration of small and medium-sized events such as congresses, trade shows and conventions. The Multipurpose Centre “Roberto Rodríguez Estrello”, located in a well comunicated area, is equipped with spacious facilities that can cover a  wide number of events with quality guarantee. “Exposaldo” shows how the Centre is a suitable place for those celebrations that  concentrate a large audience and also have special requirements not found in similar facilities on the island.

On the other hand, the city presents historical building of great patrimonial value, categorised as Property of Cultural Interest, that have been remodelated such as Teatro Chico and Teatro Circo de Marte that usually holds culture related evets as well as congresses. Experiences such as the International Congress Sciencie with the Gran Telescopio Canarias, the Magic Telescope Meeting, the Urban Law Congress or the International Congresson Multiple Object Spectroscopy confirm that the city has the necessary equipment to host events of these characteristics.

By clicking on the next link you will access a file about all the principal spaces the city has to organize congresses, fairs and conventions, with useful information about their characteristics, availability and contact. ACCESS