Museum of Sacred Art of Las Nieves

Placed in the Royal Sanctuary of Virgen de Las Nieves, five out of the seven rooms of the Sacred Museum are available to visitors at the moment, corresponding to the Camarín de la Virgen, Room of Exvotos and the Room of the slaves, besides the Sacristy and the Audiovisual and Contemporary Art Room.

The Camarín de la Virgen is home to Virgen de Las Nieves rich and varied trousseaus, a selection of the oldest and most representative costumes, and a collection of their exalted Marian jewelery, including pieces from the 16th century to the 20th century

The collection of votive offering of the Royal Sanctuary is one of the most important in Spain. It constitutes a true monument to devotion throughout the centuries, of extraordinary ethnographic, cultural, historical and devotional value. Its holds painted tables, portraits and photographs, wax figures made out of silver, gold or metal. Those offering were given in fulfillment of a promise, in order to give testimony of the miraculous intervention of the Virgin in the most diverse circumstances, be they public calamities or and personal misfortunes.

Thanks to the brotherhood Slavery of Virgen de Las Nieves the image acquired its definitive impulse as patron of La Palma. The room of the slaves possessed everything necessary to spend a time of retreat and to lead a life of meditation and recollection. Silver jewelry, furniture, bedding, cutlery and kitchenware were there. The room contains an important series of paintings from the 17th century about the life of the Virgin Mary, as well as the library, composed of about 75 books, with doctrinal works, meditation, devotionals, spiritual exercises, lives of saints and ecclesiastical history.

Location: Las Nieves Square.
Phone number: + 34 922 416337