Boat of the Virgin. Naval Museum

Along with the Castle of the Virgin, strategically placed on the back of La Encarnación, the Boat of the Virgin forms the scenery of the dialogue between the castle and the ship, a theatrical spectacle dedicated to Virgen de Las Nieves, that is represented on the last Sunday of The Great Week of the lustral parties of the Descent, in the triumphal entrance of the image to the old city. For the ship construction, its promoters - descendants of sailors, naval builders and collectors of maritime objects - took as reference the Santa Maria, on board of which Columbus carried out the discovery of America. Its construction was directed by José García Romanill and was inaugurated in the Descent of 1940. Inside, it houses the Naval Museum of Santa Cruz de La Palma, made up of different genres of materials that portray perfectly the local maritime life: portulans of the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico, maps and marine charts of the Canarian archipelago, ship mockups constructed in the city's shipyards during the nineteenth century, such as Sebastián Arozena Lemos's The Truth, the Ninfa de los Mares frigate by Nicolás de las Casas Lorenzo, or the bric-a-brac La Fama de Canarias, by Ignacio Rodríguez González. mascarones de proa, whose creators deserve to be noted the name of the artist and painter Aurelio Carmona López,complete this collection, logbooks, navigation instruments, photographs, riverside carpentry tools and a remarkable series of archival and printed documents relating to naval architecture, ship registration roles, correspondence and copies of appointments of navigational officers and the palm delegation of the Court of the Indies.

Ticket fee:

  • General: 4,50 €
  • Resident Canary: 4.00 €
  • Children up to 12 years old: Free (accompanied by an adult)

Special offer of double entrance for the Naval Museum and the Interpretation Center of the Bajada:

  • General: 7 €
  • Canary resident: 5 € per person
  • *Double tickets can be purchased at any of the two museums.

Location: La Alameda Square
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm Saturdays. Sundays and public holiday from 10 am to 2 pm 14:00 om.
Phone number: +34 922 416304