Several elements make the Christmas in Santa Cruz de La Palma a unique celebration: the performances of Lo Divino rondallas, the rich tradition of nativity scenes, the musical acts and the Kings' Parade.
Nine days before December 24th, the parranda groups start to accompany the “Light masses” with carol singing, symbolizing the Virgin's nine months of gestation. Almost every parish church in the city has a musical group, a “rondalla”, known as Lo Divino, where the use of string and percussion predominates. Other non religious groups also sing in the streets at night time. 
Next to parrandas, that counts with a monument in the city, Christmas in Santa Cruz de La Palma stands out for its theatrical character, its unique landscape and the traditional clothing that, together, form one of the most interesting representations of Messiah’s advent. Particular births  in offices, shop windows and churches, the Municipal Houses of Culture of Mirca, Velhoco and La Dehesa, form a varied museum of figurines of clay, wood or paperboard, some of them with more than two hundred years of history;  in addition to backdrops painted by the main artists of the last two centuries.
The concert given by the Municipal Band in the atrium of the Consistorial Houses is one of the high-moments of the festivities, this culminates with the concert-anniversary of the veteran Municipal Band of Music San Miguel, founded in 1975, during the morning of Three Wise Kings Day .
The Three Wise Kings parade runs through the city from Cueva de Carías port, where the representation of Auto de Reyes by Antonio Rodríguez López (1836-1901) takes place. The first edition of this procession is dated in 1915, when monarchs, riding on floats pulled by oxen, toured the main streets of the historic center. Almost a century later it retains its multitudinous character and all its charm for the joy and illusion of the little ones.