May Parties. Cross Day

On May 3rd, Alonso Fernández de Lugo founded Santa Cruz de La Palma once the conquest of the island was finished. This date commemorates its incorporation into Western civilization, also symbolized in Christianity. It is traditional to put flowers in the numerous crosses that, for a week, live in streets, squares and corners of the city. On Cross Day Eve neighbors work to decorate their cross using a wide variety of ornaments such as flowers or luxury jewellery. The Town Hall celebrates a competition  where the originality and elegance of the cross is rewarded.
Another important tradition in the island is the creation of “mayos”, a sort of puppet made out of wood and paper, dressed with old clothing and placed in groups to represent a local episode. In many cases daily live serves as inspiration for these scenes, played with humor and irony.  May Holiday also has a great variety of cultural activities, such as the Mascarones Parade on May 2nd especially targeted to children.