Carnival. Los Indianos

Los Indianos arrival is undoubtedly La Palma’s most awaited celebration. Its unique character gathers the attention of the whole Canary Island of the Monday of Carnival.
Although one of the most striking aspects of this day is the launching of its characteristic talcum powder, it is also true that Los Indianos Day has a far more rich and profound meaning. Everything about this celebration revolves around the
indelible bond between La Palma and Cuba: its music with guarachas and guajieras, its gastronomy as well and a rum and tobacco tradition, the clothing
Los Indianos Day caricatures the arrival of those emigrated from “Pearl of the Caribbean”, who, after years of prosperity, come back to La Palma with airs and graces. Every single detail serves to this parody which is a rooted tradition constantly evolving.
The day begins with in the morning with ‘La Espera’, authorities wait at the Town Hall the arrival of Cuba’s consul, and especially the arrival of Negra Tomasa, great cheerleader of the party who dance to the rhythm of guarachas and other Caribbean sounds. In the afternoon, the Battle of Powers and the Indian Parade begin. The latter one runs through O’Daly’s Street until Alameda Square. Only at sunset the Indianos make their way back with their Panama under their arms, feeling both exthausted and happy.  
Carnival in Santa Cruz de La Palms has another important date, despite its recent invention: the Wig Party, on Friday, and the Day of Ambassadors, on Saturday , when people run through the main streets wearing all types of formal attires. Musical groups with traditional flavour accompany the ambassadors. La Sardina’s Funeral (Carnival symbol) on Friday and Piñata’s weekend are two opportunities to enjoy the greatest festivity in Santa Cruz de La Palma